Plushie Guardians


Plushie Guardians is a narrative-rich universe filled with thematic content for multiple web3 and web2 products about plushies battling against monsters in order to protect their children. Its first installment is an NFT game that presents a new sustainability path for the GameFi model on the Polygon network.

We seek to perfect the recent GameFi model by engaging on the chronic issues that plagued pioneer projects, such as the lack of content, the shallow and exhaustible gameplay cycle, and the high dependency on new entrants, which leads to long-term economic unsustainability.

For that matter, we’ve amplified integration with traditional industries, diversified rentability options, invested heavily in universe narrative thematic quality, improved tactical gameplay elements, and improved player asset control.


  • Game available following NFT sale. Core

  • Unique lore and characters in an expandable universe. Lore

  • Long-term sustainable economic design. Sustainability

  • Limited supply of NFT with GameFi access. Plushie - NFT

  • 10,000 Plushie OGs "Factory NFT" with their own handcrafted backstories.

  • Full investment in IP growth. Treasure Allocation

  • Extensive roadmap with new gameplay features. Roadmap

  • Future releases already in development. Franchise Products

  • F2P browser minigame awards a free NFT to those who beat it. Bootcamp (Minigame)

  • Proprietary marketplace for NFTs and tokens available following NFT sale.

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